One of the best CRPGs i have ever played

Divinity Original Sin is an awesome RPG and better than the boring Pillars of Eternity and a spiritual successor of Neverwinter Nights. I have so much fun to discover all the areas, caves and dungeons.

The round-based combat system is also great. Especially the environmental and elemental conditions. You can soak the ground with oil and set him on fire, freeze a river, extinguish fire with your rain spell or shocking wet enemies.

The quests and story is very good. In my humble opinion much better than the ones of Pillars of Eternity.

The graphics are alright and well done for a Kickstarter indie RPG. Good textures, nice lighting, sharp shadows and everything is looking flawless.

But the music and sound effects… MAH BOI! Awesome! The soundtrack is one of the best I ever heard. Great music, especially the creepy one in the dungeons. Sometimes it reminds me of Burzums ‘Dungeons of Darkness’.
The dubbing and voice acting is really great, I love the British accent.

All in all, it is a great game for CRPG and Dungeons & Dragons fans.


Conan Exiles

Man, I’m so excited for the new Conan game. As fan of the movies, soundtrack and comics I’m happy to get a real sandbox game which is playing in the Conan universe. Can’t wait to build an own kingdom, fight nasty foes and take slaves (thralls) for my own goods.

Here are some tasty screenshots and a youtube channel link:

Someone else interested in Conan Exiles too?

my little daughter

She is the sweetest, smartest and most beautiful girl out there, but sometimes she is a little nag.

“Daddy i want a yoghurt!” Daddy brings the yoghurt “What is that, i dont want a yoghurt, but… PLAY WITH ME!!!”

Or today: Wanna play some Divinity Original Sin with my fiancee (cause she has leisure time) and our little daughter is strolling and cuddling around our work desk. Like a cat.
And it is not surprising that her nickname is kitty.